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Oil refineries separate crude oil into many useful refined products. The proportion of each product produced depends on the regional demand of the market. There can also be seasonal differences in demand for heating fuel versus transportation fuel within a given market. This section deals with heating oil and unleaded gasoline which are the two most important refined oil products. Futures contracts on the regulated commodity exchanges are a way to get positioned to trade refined energies.

New York Harbor ULSD

The NYMEX heating oil and unleaded gasoline futures markets stand alone in its reliable price transparency and market safeguards that protect all participants. Trading is conducted as an open auction, price discovery is straightforward and exclusive of brokerage fees, price dissemination is virtually instantaneous, and, at the end of the day, all positions are marked-to-market and obligations settled in cash. There is no counterparty credit risk since the Exchange and its clearinghouse, which is composed of some of the most highly regarded firms in the financial services industry, stands on the other side of every deal.

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